Antoine Reversat

System administrator


System administrator on a big infrastructure



LPI Level 1

Digium Certified Asterisk Professional


Operating systems

Excellent knowledge : Debian, Red Hat (ES 4 and 5), CentOS (3, 4 and 5), Suse, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Slackware.

Very good knowledge : windows, active directory and OpenBSD.

Basic knowledge : SCO Unix and AIX

Server software

Excellent knowledge : Apache, Mysql, Squid, SquidGuard, Iptables, Samba, Postfix, Cyrus, Dovecot, Exim, Ltsp, Asterisk, OpenLDAP, Rsync, OpenVPN, Heartbeat, GlusterFS, Zabbix, Puppet 

Very good knowledge : Lighttpd, Posgresql, JBoss, Tomcat, Zope, Zimbra, Ejbca, Alfresco, Pf, Drbd

Basic knowledge Kerberos, OpenBGPd, Ospfd


Excellent knowledge : C, PHP, Java, Python, SQL and Bash

Very good knowledge : x86 and 8085 assembly, Perl

Basic knowledge : Ruby




Excellent knowledge : TCP and UDP (mostly over IPv4), SMTP, IMAP, POP, FTP, HTTP, SIP, SDP and RTP

Very good knowledge : IPv6, ICMP

Basic knowledge : XMPP, OSPF, RIP and BGP


Excellent knowledge : Cisco IOS (on Cisco 2600, 3400 and 3750), BGP setup on a stack of 3750

Very good knowledge : foundryOS (on ServerIron hardware)

Professional Experiences

Unix/Linux administrator


Since March 2012
Montreal - Canada
  • Set up and manage the game servers for the major console titles of the company
  • Create a proof of concept for a new monitoring system

Director of technology


From October 2008 Till January 2012
Montréal - Canada

Managing the technical team

Coordination of every part of the team (developers, architects, etc) in order to constantly improve the quality of our hosted VoIP offer. Created weekly meetings to get a better communication between the sales, project management and technical teams. Wrote the first version of our customer self-serve tool. Lead the development team through the next iterations of that project. This project is a web frontend to several MySQL databases using the Pylons framework. 

System Administration

Daily maintenance of an infrastructure made of around 20 servers supporting the company's hosted voice over IP service. Service monitoring, critical updates, resource planning. Created Debian packages for some of the software we used. Built the whole infrastructure around the puppet configuration management software. Created a storage cluster with 6 servers using Glusterfs to have a "network raid 1". Wrote python scripts for various tasks such as phone provisioning, database updates, asterisk migration. 

Network administration

Setup and maintenance of a fully redondant network made of redundant links to the servers as well as redundant internet access with two distinct internet providers using the BGP protocol. Network troubleshooting for customers and internally to investigate various problems (latency, packet loss, nat issues).


Level 3 support for the customers. Troubleshooting of the problems that the first levels of support weren't able to troubleshoot.

Key technologies

Asterisk, OpenSIPS, Kamailio, Zabbix, Puppet, GlusterFS, BGP, LACP, VLAN, QOS, Tomato, NAT, Pylons, Python.


Free software consultant

Savoir-faire Linux

From January Till September 2008
Montréal - Canada


Phone support : Level 1 to 5 support for the company's customers. Troubleshooting, adding new feature, etc. Various customers from several employees to several thousand.

On-site interventions

Intervention at a customer specialized in multimedia distribution on the internet. Helped supporting the web infrastructure made of 20 servers running CentOS in a high availability setup behind a ServerIron load-balancer. This infrastructure served around 50 thousand simultaneous requests.

Intervention for a customer serving a specialized website for doctors. Wrote a mass-mailing software which was more powerful than than the previous one. They from being able to send 25 mails / second to being able to send 80 mails / second. This program was written in Python. I also analyzed mysql queries for performance issues.


Gave the OpenLDAP and MySQL trainings for savoir-faire linux. Created the slides and exercises for both these trainings. Trained around 10 students.

Key technologies

Apache, Lighttpd, Php, Mysql, ServerIron, Python, Mysql


System administrator


From September Till October 2007
Paris - France

"developer desktop" project for Sagem Communications :

Created and installed the whole infrastructure in order to automate the installation of Kubuntu on the desktops.

Installation and configuration of FAI (Fully Automated Installer) in order to install the desktops without human interaction.
Configuration of the tools (samba/winbind, kerberos) used to join an Active Directory domain.
Developpement of post-installation scripts in order to configure the computer once it has been installed.

Key Technologies

Bash scripting, FAI (Fully Automated Installer), Debian packaging, Samba, Winbind, Kerberos, Active Directory, PXE boot

Coop engineer


From August 2004 Till July 2007
Roubaix - France
  • Installation automation
  • Customer installation
  • Phone support


I created an installation CD in order to install the servers we were selling very quickly using knoppix, syslinux and zenity. I also created a program to generate configuration files from user input using perl and XML.

October 2006

For one of our customers I installed a filtering proxy using Squid, SQuidGuard, Apache and mod_clamav. This proxy used NTLM authentication which was bound to an LDAP server.


Changed the whole automation system (created in 2004/2005) to use the original debian-installer CD and modified packages on a different repository. In order to do this I had to repackage several Debian packages, set-up our own repository (using apache and reprepro) and we used SVN and track to manage our own source code.

April to July 2007

Update of the intranet of Lille's chamber of commerce. I added features that the customer had asked for. The whole project was PHP based.

July 2007

I rebuilt the whole infrastructure of a customer. I installed a PDC (Primary Domain Controller) using Samba and LDAP. I also installed a fax and mail server. The whole infrastructure was built arround two LDAP servers (slave/master replication)

Educational Background

Telecom Lille 1 engineer

Telecom Lille 1

July 2007
Lille - France
Engineering degree in telecomunications and networks at Telecom Lille 1 (Lille, France)

D.U.T in Telecomuncations and Networks

I.U.T Bethune

July 2004
Bethune - France
D.U.T.  (equivalent of a masters degree) in Telecomunications and Networks


Lycée Lazare Carnot

July 2002
Arras - France
Scientifique Baccalauréat (A-levels equivalent), majors in engineer sciences and physics



Native language



Spent two years in England and 3 months in the U.S.

Scored 975 at the TOEIC 

Uses English every day at work



Studied for 7 year at school

Personal Interests


Rugby, Mountain bike, roller blade, badminton, scuba diving (FFESSM level 1) 


Playing guitare, going to the movies, travelling, reading and writing
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